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Groups With Minds:

How Human Groups Can Have Desires, Beliefs and Intentions

Some human groups can be said to have collective desires, beliefs and intentions, and to be capable of collective choices and actions. Accordingly, they can be considered minds in their own right, with tremendous influence on the individual minds of their human members

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Chapter 1. Generic Mind

Chapter 2. Unsocial Sociability

Chapter 3. Knitting Together

Chapter 4. Politics as a Thought Process

Chapter 5. Collective Learning

Chapter 6. Group Mindset - In July, 1914

Chapter 7. Learning From History

Chapter 8. The Group for Itself

Chapter 9. Embedded Persons

Chapter 10. Conclusion

Appendix A: Communication As Suggestion

Appendix B: Self-Organization

Appendix C: The Ultra-Social Ape

Appendix D: Behold the Man

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