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Papers on European History

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Charlemagne . . .

John McKeefery is a close friend of mine - and a retired psychotherapist with a long-standing interest in the political and cultural history of Europe and the United States - as the papers below demonstrate. They review and comment on European history especially its religious and cultural history from the fall of the western Roman Empire in 476 up to the present. The first paper, Outline of European History introduces the series, while the remaining ones take up successive eras - the 'Dark Ages,' the rise of Islam, etc. (For a brief synopsis setting European history in its world-historical context see my OSCAR column World History in Three Pages, also on this site.)
- Richard

John McKeefery . . . John's words follow:
These papers are an attempt to articulate my very amateur (perhaps even eccentric) musings on this subject. As the philosopher Charles Frankel once said in introducing a different collection: "In the end, I wrote these essays because I couldn't think of anything better to do with my time. It would be very gratifying if the reader, in the time he spends with them, felt the same way." But I want to thank my old friend Richard for helping me to edit these pieces, and then for publishing them on his web site.
- John McKeefery

Outline of European History

6th Century: The Dark Ages

7th Century: The Rise of Islam

8th - 11th centuries: The Early Middle Ages

1100 - 1300: The High Middle Ages

1300 - 1453: Aria da Capo

Renaissance and Reformation

The Early 17th Century

From Louis XIV to British Global Hegemony

Europe and America: 1763 TO 1815

Europe and America: 1815 TO 1848

Europe and America: 1850 TO 1870

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