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My first published book, Sharing Realities offers revised concepts of reason, public knowledge and public choice when the Nietzchean "scandal of interpretations" is taken on board and accepted as inescapable.My second book, called The ecoDarwinian Paradigm discusses the implications for human self-understanding of the recent explosion of knowledge in brain/mind science and the theory of self-organizing systems. Complete texts of both books can be found on this Web page. At present I am retired and in the process of writing a third book on political implications of these ideas in today's globalizing world.

Also on this site are my writings in two seemingly unrelated areas that have held my interest for many years:

Aikido, a Japanese martial art of great beauty, insight and elegance is, for all that, a martial art a study in coping with aggression and violence;

D/s is an art and sexual sub-culture concerned with the erotics of pain, shame, power and control;

Political theory, of course, is about political and economic power, and its transmutation into civilized society and government.

The connecting thread is the nature and proper use of power a dirty word for many of my generation. I believe our refusal to think realistically about power was unfortunate, as it prevented us from recognizing that some of its uses are better justified and much more intelligent than others. In effect, our unwillingness to distinguish between good and evil applications of power gave carte blanche to people who hungered for it and had few scruples about its use.

As Carl Jung said, "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making darkness conscious.

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